Job Action Day 2014 was Monday, November 3rd. But, you can still find career and job-search experts offering extremely useful advice, tools, and solutions to help empower job-seekers and careerists with the many ways storytelling can -- and should -- be used to help propel careers.


Job Action Day is a day of empowerment for workers and job-seekers -- to put your career and job in the forefront, making plans, taking action steps.


For people currently working, Job Action Day is an opportunity to not only examine your current job and employer, but also evaluate both the stability of that job and employer as well as your personal fulfillment with your job. It's a day to take stock of your career and develop a plan for their next career steps.


For job-seekers, Job Action Day is a chance to take a break from the daily grind of job-hunting to take a look at the bigger picture of your career and job-search strategies. It's a day to develop plans for developing new job and career options and devising new and better ways to track down job leads and position yourself for employment opportunities.


The theme for last year's Job Action Day 2013 -- which took place Monday, Nov. 4, 2013 -- was "Military-to-Civilian Transition." In honor of the great risks our veterans take to serve our country, we asked experts to provide advice, tools, and resources to help in their transition back into the civilian workforce.


Job Action Day, developed by -- the Web's leading career site -- always falls on the first Monday in November. Learn more., Tools to Improve Your Life, Your Career Site



Job Action Day 2015
Empowering Job-Seekers!


Job Action Day 2015
Taking Place: November 2, 2015
Theme/Focus: TBD


You'll find loads of expert and empowering tips, tools, and advice from career coaches, experts, and bloggers!



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