Job Action Day 2014 -- November 3rd -- is all about empowering job-seekers with the power of storytelling for career and job-search success.


Job Action Day is a day for all job-seekers and workers to take stock of their situations and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers.


In a highly competitive job market, job-seekers need every advantage possible. One of the greatest tools to gain an advantage is the use of storytelling -- so that it is YOUR story that not only helps an employer remember you and your accomplishments, but also gets you the job.


Job-seekers can use storytelling and compelling narratives in numerous situations -- from networking to interviewing, including such tools as the Elevator Speech (Pitch), LinkedIn profile, resumes and cover letters, and much more.


The focus of Job Action Day 2014 is to provide a wide variety of advice, tools, and resources -- to educate you convince you, and assist you in building and perfecting how, when, and why to use storytelling for success.


Job Action Day 2014, the seventh-annual initiative spearheaded by Quintessential Careers, includes expert and empowering articles, tips, and blog posts that give job-seekers information, ideas, and concrete steps that you can take to harness the power of story and create a unique and power narrative that will propel your career forward.


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