That’s Why They Call it Work: Tough Jobs, Successful Careers


Job Action Day: November 7th, 2016

“When people follow their passion, they miss out on all kinds of opportunities they didn’t even know existed.” -Mike Rowe

Jobseekers, especially those just starting their careers, are often told to “follow their passion”. It sounds like great advice—but what happens when “passion” alone isn’t enough to pay the bills?

This year’s Job Action Day is inspired by Mike Rowe’s online commencement speech for Prager University. In his remarkable speech, Rowe suggests that, instead of following their passion, jobseekers should consider following the opportunities that are available to them—and then bring their passions with them to the job. This idea celebrates the less-glamorous jobs that serve as the backbone of America—like septic-tank technicians, asphalt pavers, and even rattlesnake catchers!

We need your help—and your stories!—to make Job Action Day a success. If you’re a successful professional with “dirty job” experience, or if you’re a career coach or blogger who can speak to why following your passion might NOT be the key to fulfilling your dreams, we’d love to hear from you. Join us to share your knowledge and insights, and encourage a new generation of workers to find success on the path less traveled!

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